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April 14th, 2008

Online videos

While my Mac is busy importing the seven AppleCon DV tapes, on my other computer I'm search the web to find an alternative to YouTube for posting the AppleCon videos.

I want to find a free service that allows me to post large videos, to take more advantage of the HD source material. One of the things I really like on YouTube is that it's easy to embed the video on other websites and blogs, so I'd like the alternate service to had the same ability.

I could just convert the videos to FLV files on post them on our own server, but I'd prefer for someone else's server to take the bandwidth hit.


I'm really liking's features. Higher quality video, tagging on the timeline, and you can embed video into other sites starting either at the beginning of the video or at the current frame. Nice! This is currently my top choice.

Oh... and they aren't blocked by work. Yet.

Embedding Viddler

Yes... Viddler's videos can be embedded on other websites:


I'm just scared of her driving and vBlogging at the same time. I'd never do that!!!

Oh... wait...


Teresa Chandler at AppleCon

Here is my second AppleCon video posting, and my first using Viddler.

Somehow I lost the 16:9 ratio, and I'm not sure how. I setup the export option to maintain the 16:9 by letterboxing the original video in to a 4:3 video. I'll probably re-export this one and see if I can figure out how I lost the 16:9.

Also, I want to see if I can replace the "Viddler" icon with an "AppleCon" icon.


Little Birdy Viddler

Here is my export of David's "Little Birdy" on Viddler.

Compare it with the YouTube posting: