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October 22nd, 2007

Job postings

Reminder to all my friends, if you are looking for a job, my company has an Careers website where they post available positions:

And... if you tell me before you apply for a job, I can submit an referral form with your resume and get a little bonus out of it.

Well, gosh!

Ugh... our department just voted to do our group Halloween costume as... The Beverly Hillbillies! Oh boy!

Due to lack of a better candidate, I'm Jethro.

Any suggestions?


I like the new Segway design! They now us "LeanSteer" instead of the handle grip for changing direction. Sadly my custom built Segway would cost $6,277.95. Maybe if my job were moving down town like rvrjoe775's, but I can't justify that out here in Eden Prairie.

Tough Roots

Turns out that my Invisalign hasn't been going quite as smoothly as we thought. There are a couple of teeth on the bottom that don't appear to want to move. I haven't been wearing my aligners the 22 hours a day as recommended, but pretty close.

My options now are to either try going back to earlier aligners (was on 16, now back on 11), or do a refit and what they call a "mid-course correction." Since I'm so close to being done with my top aligners (done at #18), I've decided to wait until the top teeth are done, and then see how the bottom teeth are doing.

This is a bit annoying, but not really to bad. My main goal with this ordeal was to fix some painful teeth issues I was having, and this has been accomplished. Everything else now is gravy.