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December 6th, 2006

Cruise pictures are now posted

Couple - Toronto CN Tower

Our cruise pictures are now posted:

This is my our deluge of photos from our trip. I've tried to filter out the photos that didn't turn out, or the photos that were nearly duplicates of other pictures. Maybe I'll go back later and make a best of folder. Joe actually took the majority of the photos this time.

The stops this cruise were:

  1. Fort Lauderdale (were we started and ended)
  2. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  3. St. Johns, Antigua
  4. St. Thomas, USVI (and a short refueling stop in St. Croix)
  5. Phillipsburg, St. Maarten (we also took a tour over to the French side of the island. So, technically we've been to France!)
  6. Nassau, Bahamas (where we walked around, but refused to shop)

Plus we had two days at sea, which were very relaxing.

Lessons learned:

  • Shopping does not make a good alternative to excursions. If I'm going to both getting off the ship, I want to really see the island. Shopping gets boring REAL fast, especially when I'm not buying jewelry, alcohol, or t-shirts).
  • Pack more polos and t-shirts, pack less dress shirts... unless there are more "smart casual" nights. Everyone was dressed in polos and tropical shirts most nights for dinner.
  • Rent the damn tux instead of bringing our own. It really wasn't worth it for us to bring our tuxes.
  • Pack less socks and underwear, since I was spending most days in my swim trunks and sandles.


Your soaking in it!

I really don't drink enough water. I *maybe* drink four 8 fl oz bottles a day, plus two cans of diet soda (usually caffeine free), plus 3-4 cups of coffee (also usually caffeine free).

I just did some googleing, and found the suggestion that I should take my weight (approx 167 pounds), and divide by two, which for me equals 83.5. That is how many ounces of water I should drink a day. That's 10 bottles or water, or roughly 33 coffee cups of water.

So, if I drink a bottle of water per hour while here at work, plus one when I first get up in the morning, and one more in the evening, I should be able to take in my recommended daily amount of water.

Does anyone really do that??? Leave me a comment if you know you are taking in enough water.