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March 29th, 2005

TUG them out

Bethesda Fountain
I'm thinking of starting a new gay philosophy...

Truth Unites Gays (T.U.G.)

No self respecting gay man should ever have sex with a closeted man, or man "claiming" to be straight. If a "straight" man wants to have sex with you, he must be open and honest about who and what he is.

No more will we be the guy on the side for some jerk who is lying to his wife or girlfriend. No more will we have sex with those two-faced bastard politicians who suck dick one day, then vote for anti-marriage amendments the next day. No more will we give aid and comfort to men who will not account for themselves and who continue to harm their own lives and the lives of all gay Americans.

We will befriend the man who is struggling to come out. We will lead by example, showing him a positive example of how living with honesty will strengthen his life. We will comfort him when he encounters challenges to living in truth.

Yeah, I know... being out is a personal journey for each of us. Some of us are comfortable treating our homosexuality as open as any straight American treats their heterosexuality. Others of us feel isolated by being gay in a straight world, and need to wear straight camouflage in order to function with family, work and the community.

A gay man living as a straight man is a valid lifestyle choice, but he must not cause harm to those around him through word or action. Cheating on a girl friend or wife is causing harm. Speaking or taking action that keeps homosexuals from living a life equal to heterosexuals is causing harm. It is these men who we will cut off from the comfort of our bodies.