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March 24th, 2005

If only he'd had professional help

I was just writing a comment into pteroglyph's journal, and I used the name Gollum. I wanted to make sure I had spelled it correctly, so I alt-clicked on it to check it through (dictionary application that is tied to their site, nice tool!). It brought back the following listing, I like the medical diagnosis.


  • Date of Birth: c. the year 2430 of the third age
  • Place of Birth: J.R.R. Tolkien's universe of Middle-earth
  • Date of Death: March 25, 3019 of the third age
  • Claim to Fame: A deformed Hobbit who lived to the age of 589 due to the effects of the Ring

Name at birth: Sméagol

A fictional character from Tolkien's Hobbit trilogy, Gollum is a thin, pale, wandering creature, who was enslaved by a magic ring that was made by Suaron, the Dark Lord of Mordor and the Lord of the Rings. Gollum had two distinct personalities that were constantly in conflict -- Sméagol, his good personality, and Gollum, his nasty personality, named after the strange noise he made in his throat.

According to a tongue-in-cheek article published in the British Medical Journal in December 2004, Gollum's paranoia and split personality probably resulted from a vitamin B-12 deficiency caused by his diet of raw fish; his loss of appetite and loss of hair may have been associated with iron-deficiency anemia; his bulging eyes and weight loss may have been caused by hyperthyroidism, and his dislike of sunshine may have been associated with the metabolic disease porphyria. Beyond his odd interests, preoccupation with the ring, and anti-social behavior, Gollum also fulfilled seven of the nine criteria for schizoid personality disorder.

Poor bunny

This is really kind of cool.

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